Great to see our volunteer Online Chums raising awareness and getting involved in community events.

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On Saturday i found out that i was running Bric-a-brac stall at NTDF Queens Jubilee with Mart Lee

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NTDF Queens Platinum Jubilee Festival VIP Invitation.

As you have updated the blog here is a reblog.

Weevles Updates Disabled Bloggers Team

I am looking forward to to the NTDF Queens Platinum Jubilee Festival I will be going to it it is on Saturday the 4th June 2022 11.00 am – 3.00 pm Sunday 5th June 2022 same time at 11.00 am – 3.00 pm. It will be at NTDF Centre Earsdon Road Shiremoor NE27 0HJ. We will be indoors if the weather is poor.

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Reasons Bullies Hate Those Who Prefer to Be Themselves — Chateau Cherie

Bullies are fake. They have to be to instill fear in those around them. And they resent anyone content with themselves and comfortable in their own skin. 284 more words

Reasons Bullies Hate Those Who Prefer to Be Themselves — Chateau Cherie

Been sometime since touchin base with Cherie’s blog posts of dealing with bullies. So here is the latest offering.

Easy to use technology!

We all know someone who has frustrations about using digital tech to undertake day-to-day activities. Its not just about how to upload a document to an email or ordering shopping online, it is also important to note that the technology itself poses difficulties in its use. Many older peoples’ experience of new technology can often be summed up using the following comments that we have recorded from previous support offered to older digital learners: “Can’t find the short cut to using Zoom and making the necessary adjustments for communicating”, Can’t save photographs because I can never find them again” or “there are too many options which confuse me”. To aide in making life easier for those only interested in the necessities of being ‘connected’ Ability.Net have developed the Grandpad – a iPad for beginners. Here is the link to their website, which you can pass to your older friends and relatives: https://www.abilitynet.org.uk/news-blogs/grandpad-tablet-seniors-your-questions-answered