Being Safe Online

being online can be precarious at best of times but there are basics that have helped me stay safe. I don’t hesitate to take action if i think something is suspicions. Can’t recommend Learn My Way enough for cyber awareness issues. The same goes for Hate Crime and Trolling.

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Reasons Bullies Hate Those Who Prefer to Be Themselves — Chateau Cherie

Bullies are fake. They have to be to instill fear in those around them. And they resent anyone content with themselves and comfortable in their own skin. 284 more words

Reasons Bullies Hate Those Who Prefer to Be Themselves — Chateau Cherie

Been sometime since touchin base with Cherie’s blog posts of dealing with bullies. So here is the latest offering.

Making Digital Affordable

Our recent support from #jobnetworkbristol ( has been a lifeline for one of our beneficiaries. Jimmy had a Stroke, which has left him mainly offline with only occasional trips to the library. But with the help of jobnetworkbristol our project took receipt of a tablet, set it up and presented to Jimmy. To help in the digital journey Jimmy is now an active user of the online course: Learn My Way providing easy to follow examples covering a variety of online features and functions relating to emails, accessing socially essential services, security, social media, dealing with errors and making your PC/Laptop accessible whether for hearing , visual, physical or cognitive support. We can provide one-to-one mentoring alongside face to face support at our weekly drop in sessions.

North Tyneside Latest Newsletter

Our community partner released their newsletter March 31st, which we are featured. the digital assessment is, not as implied, about testing you but about gathering information about the state of the borough regarding access to the internet. 12% of adults living in North Tyneside have either no or limited use of a digital connection. There are many factors compounding this finding. We want to get a better understand all the parameters, whether social or economic, that affect affect access to the internet. if you live in North Tyneside and you have access to this please complete – All information is anonymised and securely stored according to GDPR and UK variant of this regulation. For those without access we will be producing a ‘hardcopy, which we will get to you via a variety of distribution networks.

Internet Safety for Kids – 5 Tips To Keep Them Safe — Indian Motherhood & Parenting Blog – THE CHAMPA TREE

As more Children are introduced to the internet early there is a need for parents to get to grips with things you can do to mitigate against abuse.

While it is a good option to inculcate all safety measures and educate children about the risks, it also remains important to keep a tab on your child’s activity.

Internet Safety for Kids – 5 Tips To Keep Them Safe — Indian Motherhood & Parenting Blog – THE CHAMPA TREE

Park View Project work towards raising awareness of the dangers of using the internet, and with simple guidelines in place we can mitigate against the terrible stories we hear daily. Visit our website for updates:

Digital First Aid

Park View Project engages with its community in ways that enable and empower individuals who have many challenges in remaining safe and security online.  Most of all, our volunteer befrienders are there to guide and support you to get the most out out of your digital experience.  No matter your disability or vulnerability Park View is there to help you stay safe while maximising your digital footprint.

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Internet Safety for Teens — MommiNation

Paying attention to tips about safety ensures well-being!  

A little fun fact about me, I LOVE true crime shows. I literally fall asleep at night to Forensic Files or anything on the Investigation Discovery channel. Recently I have found myself binge watching a show called Web of Lies and oh my goodness this show is so good. The premise of the show is […]

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