Ingram Valley.

This is one of my favourite places I love and I use to love going to when I was younger it is Ingram Valley I think it is a lovely place. I think The Countryside is very nice over they to and I also think The Lake is really nice in Ingram Valley to it is a nice lovely place to go to in the summer to have a nice walk around and walk about the place and to have a picnic to.


Chatsworth House In The Peak District.

Chatsworth comprises a Grade I listed house and stables, a 105-acre garden, a 1,822-acre park, a farmyard and adventure playground, and one of Europe’s most significant private art collections.

It has been home to sixteen generations of the Cavendish family for nearly five centuries.  Each has contributed to its careful evolution and preservation, creating the estate, archives and collections we enjoy today. 

Meet the members of the Cavendish family below, discover their stories and their influence on Chatsworth, England and the world. 

You can also read about the changes each family member made to Chatsworth House, Garden and the wider estate during their tenure and meet the talented craftspeople who helped them fulfil their vision. 

something for free

I attended Wallsend Community bingo last Thursday, it is in Wallsend market on the first Thursday of every month from 10.00am to 12.00pm everyone is welcome, no cost to enter and prizes for a line and then a full house.

Our prizes are donated so are different every time. Donations welcome. Why not come come and join us.

Me And Lorna In January 2002. X

This is one of my favourite photos of me and my Granddads partner Lorna. This was photo was took in my Granddad and Lorna’s living room in they bungalow in January 2002 twenty years ago when I was fifteen years old when I was in year ten at Southlands School when I was younger. Can’t believe it’s been thirteen years and it was thirteen years ago today when I was twenty three but this is one of my favourite photos in general and one of my favourite photos of me and Lorna to. X