Wwe Best Of Backlash Part 2.

I watched part 1 of Wwe Best Of Backlash on the Wwe Network last night and it was really good I really enjoyed watching it it was on for 3 hours and 22 minutes. I am going to watch Wwe Best Of Backlash part 2 later on tonight on the Wwe Network it is on for 3 hours 15 minutes all the Backlash matches are from years ago on the wrestling in Wwe from when I was younger.


Crawford Park In Monkseaton.

I really enjoyed my walk to Crawford Park on Sunday. I walked from Ludlow Drive where my Mum lives to Thorntree Drive in West Monkseaton walked from the top end where the main road is. All the way down to the bottom end where it brings you out of the street turned back around and walked back up the other end where it brings you back up where the main road is. Then walked back up Thorntree Drive and back up to Ludlow Drive to my Mums house that is my walk that I done on Sunday.

My Cup Of Tea From Amy And Paul From The NTDF Cafe.

Amy always brings me a cup of tea from The NTDF Cafe and I always get a free cup of tea from her. This is my cup of tea in this cup from the Amy from the NTDF Cafe and Paul also brings me food from the NTDF Cafe sometimes to I really appreciate it from both of them I always pay for my cup of tea or hot chocolate or whatever I buy off Amy or Paul and then give them the money for it.

Edible Dinosaurs

Copland’s is the second largest bakery chain in the UK with over 160 outlets and 12 cafes located primarily across Yorkshire, County Durham and Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. Copland’s produces takeaway food chiefly for the lunch-time trade, specialising in sandwiches, pasties, desserts, cakes, and bread.

Here is one of my tasty finds. I think it resembles a Megalsosaurus bucklandiis. Consisting of shortcake and party coated in chocolate. It is delicious and sumptuous and in just the thing for a summers afternoon.

The handmade product in produced by our local Baker Copelands Bakery, based in Wallsend, Tyne and wear.

This blog was made Simon Schofield

Scarecrow In Seaton Sluice.

I went for a walk around Seaton Sluice with my Mum yesterday and we seen this scarecrow on this swing attached to this big bar pole. It has probably been their for a long time now so I thought I might blog about it do this blog about it and write about it because I was very impressed with it. I also thought it would be an interesting blog to blog about it the second photo at the bottom is a close up picture that I took when I zoomed in on the scarecrow and took the photo.