Christopher Lee Dracula.

I love watching my really old Christopher Lee Dracula Hammer Horror dvd movies I think they are really good I watch them now and again. I think the Hammer Horror Dracula films are very good and really frightening to I think all of the Dracula movies with Christopher Lee in them are really good to.


Ziko’s Barber Shop In West Monkseaton.

I love going to this Turkish Barber Shop for my one all over hair cut all the time it is Ziko’s Barber Shop in West Monkseaton it is just down from West Monkseaton Metro Station. I have been going for two years now a good couple of years. The Turkish lads that cut my hair are really nice to very canny and shave my hair in to a one all over and all of them are really good it use to be the old Off Licence years ago thats what it was many years go when I was younger.

Me At The Park Hotel In Tynemouth In October 2005.

This is me doing some fun drumming work at the Voda Volunteering event at The Park Hotel in Tynemouth in October 2005 when I was nineteen when I was younger. The Voda event was called The International Forum it was a big event with lots of people they at the time and the event was also in the big hall at The Park Hotel this is one of my favourite photos. This Voda event happened two years after I left Southlands School and joined Voda just a couple of years after I left Southlands and I keep this photo in my Southlands School Record Of Achievement.

BBC Studios In Newcastle.

I really enjoyed it when I was thirty one years old when I went to The BBC Studios in Newcastle when I was in my mid thirties. I went with Bob Dennis and Simon Schofield at the end of September 2017 we were they until December of that year and finished for Christmas. It was a really good experience and it was very good I enjoyed it a lot and it was a lot of fun to.