Greenhead September 2021.

This is where my grandma,s friend Alan use to have his caravan when me and my brother Dan were younger. We use to come here all the time when we were younger it was really nice to go back they and see the place again I use to love coming here with my dad Dan and my grandma when I was very young and when I was still at Glebe School to. Me and my mum went here last Thursday on our way back from Dumfries in Scotland and it brought back a lot of nice memories for me from when Alan was still here and still alive.

4 thoughts on “Greenhead September 2021.

  1. That was my grandmas friend who died six years ago in July 2015 when I was twenty eight Bob he was just really unwell he use to keep his caravan in Greenhead and we went to stay they we use to do that.


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