My Mums Christmas Tree.

This is my Mums Christmas tree in the living room in her house. I took this photo last week at night time to the photo was also took at night.


Cinema Club.

I am looking forward to Cinema Club starting again in the new year in January after Christmas it will be on a Monday afternoon again at NTDF. I cant wait for it to start again and to get everybody back and join it again. Simon Schofield will be running the session and I will volunteering my services to help Simon Schofield in The Cinema Club when it starts again.

Classic Emmerdale 2003.

I am really enjoying watching Classic Emmerdale from 2003 on itv3 from when I was sixteen years old and when I was in year eleven when I was in my last year at Southlands School and when I was in my first year at College at the back end of 2003 when I was seventeen years old after I left Southlands when I was younger. It is all the episodes from then. They are two episodes on every day Monday to Friday in the afternoon.

Wwe NXT 2.0.

I love watching Wwe NXT 2.0 on the Wwe Network at the minute I think it is really good it is one of my favourite things I love watching on the Wwe Network right now. I am catching up with all the episodes of Wwe NXT 2.0 from this year that I have missed on the Wwe Network this year.