A Cup Of Hot Chocolate.

I love drinking Hot Chocolate every now and again sometimes me and my mum have a Hot Chocolate each if we go to Costa Coffee or the cafe at Boundary Mills. I also use to love having Hot Chocolate at my grandmas house when I was little I had it at her house for years when I was younger when me and my brother Dan use to sleep at her house so I have loved Hot Chocolate since I was little and also since I was very young.


Classic Emmerdale 2000.

I am really looking forward to watching Classic Emmerdale 2000 later on tonight when I catch up with it they are two on every day Monday to Friday on itv3. It,s a bit boring at the minute not much going on on it at the minute but it will get better. At the minute its up to August 2000 from when I was thirteen nearly fourteen years old from I was younger and still at Southlands School and nearly in year nine at Southlands School.


I have been watching the new series of Grantchester on the itv hub on catch up and its been really good. It is an investigating television series on itv and I love it I think its execellent. Its on for 46 minutes on catch up I really enjoy watching it its a bit like Vera the investegating series which is also on itv when it comes on the television.

My Appointment At The Freeman Hospital.

The Freeman Hospital.

I was at The Freeman Hospital last Friday getting my new battery put in my pacemaker put in me I went through a lot all day and I was lying awake when I was getting it done. I decided that I wanted to be awake this time because when I got my pacemaker put in me seven years in April 2014 when I was twenty seven when I was younger when I was in my late twenties. I got put to sleep because I was to worried about being awake while it was getting it done and I was really sick. So this time I was really happy and felt happy just being left awake while I was getting my battery put in me it was painful lying getting it done to me and I was really tired that night I went through a lot all afternoon and was very tired that night and had a good night sleep and felt a bit better the next day. I am really happy to be back up on my feet again being active and able to do things again and able to do all the things I love doing I had a nice rest on Saturday which did help me a lot. I had a nice sleep in one of the hospital rooms after the operation to and that really helped me to and I was still out for the count on Friday night to and slept really well that night which was the Friday night.