Say “No” To Cyber bullying — Jing Yi from IBM3205

Cyber Bullying is destructive. Please see this blog if in doubt to the devastation it causes. To all our members, please remember we can together tackle this dreadful disease that many of us have either experienced and currently haunted by.

Some actions can hurt people. Some words can hurt people too. In today’s society, everyone has the freedom to speak out, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to hurt others because everyone has their own dignity and privacy. We have to learn to respect others, perhaps we do not know that we use […]

Say “No” To Cyber bullying — Jing Yi from IBM3205

Digital Rescue update

Great support from FutureDotNow and Good Things Foundation for furnishing us with mini tablets enabling people to connect to the internet. Without this support many would be greatly disadvantaged in developing their social circles of support and to undertake daily household tasks we take for granted. There are 12% of people living in the North East lacking any digital access and many more without the skills to access socially essential services. Together we can tackle this and eradicate digital poverty! Below id Helen receiving her new device.

Instagram launches new features to reduce online bullying — Social News XYZ

Instagram reveal tools to tackle online bullying!

New Delhi, May 14 (SocialNews.XYZ) Social media giants Facebook and Instagram, today released the fifth edition of the Community Standards Enforcement report, which tracks the companys progress to keep both platforms safe. In addition to this report, Instagram also announced new safety features to lead the industry in the fight against online bullying. “We want […]

Instagram launches new features to reduce online bullying — Social News XYZ

WordPress’s impending change

It is now well known by many of WordPress bloggers that come the 1st June they are implementing their new Block design. This is deeply unsatisfactory because for many who are not digitally aware there will be challenges. This is especially the case for those of our members with a Learning Disability who have to formulate a routine in their blogging. Added to this is the current Covid19 lock down where our project drop in is suspended, meaning face-to-face benefit of supporting this unnecessary change will only lead to our community becoming silent. Again we are confronted with barriers that exclude those with intellectual disabilities. It is just not fair and is discriminatory.

Digital First Aid

Alongside our social goals to increase social circles of support, we are mindful that being online is becoming so much more than just keeping in touch. This is why we integrate our approach to digital befriending with our volunteer Online Chum mentor scheme, and that of learning about using digital processes. A key to learning is it is informal and creates relationships across our diverse local community. Take a peak at our public portal which was built and is maintained by our volunteers.