American Money.

This is what the money in America really looks like and I have always found American money notes very interesting indeed.


Channel 4 News.

I sometimes watch the Channel 4 News on the television sometimes. I think it is just as good as the itv News and the BBC One News and I really enjoy watching all three sometimes to. I mean the BBC ONE News the itv News and Weather and the Channel 4 News and as you can see they are only five News presenters on the Channel 4 News.

Ghostbusters The Marshmallow Monster.

This was my favourite baddy in the Ghostbusters when I was little he is the marshmallow monster and me and my brother Dan use to have the big marshmallow monster toy when we were little the same toy as the picture at the top the photo above this marshmallow monster photo. He is still my favourite baddy from the Ghostbusters films from Ghostbusters one and two the two movies I have loved Ghostbusters since I was little to and I also use to play with the marshmallow monster a lot when I was little I loved it and loved playing with it all the time.

The One Show.

I love watching The One Show on BBC One sometimes because they have some very interesting people on the show sometimes. I think it is really good it is one for an hour Monday to Friday five nights a week every night at those five nights. I like to watch it when I am having my dinner at nights I like to watch it then to. It has been on the television since the 14th August 2006 that was the first ever episode it started when I was nineteen a week before my 20th birthday when I was younger.

Psycho From 1960.

I love this scary film it is Psycho its from 1960 and it came out on the 8th September 60 years before I was born I have seen the movie before I am going to watch it on Netflix again sometime. It is really frightening and I am looking forward to watching it again sometime it is better to watch it at night then through the day because it is more scary and frightening. It is on for 1 hour 49 minutes just under two hours it is a horror / thriller film and I cant wait to watch it again it is really good.

tsw2 West Cornwall 

We are excited to announce the new release date for Rivet Games’ upcoming West Cornwall Local: Penzance – St Austell & St Ives route. On November 4th, all players will be able to tour the beautiful Cornish countryside in the Class 150/2 and BR Class 37/5! In the time taken to address issues (Update notes here), the timetable has also seen some additional work in the form of a new layer which adds over 20 playable services!

These services include:Loco-hauled passenger and mail services between St. Austell and Penzance, combined with light loco moves and BR Class 08 pilot procedures at Penzance. Various sidings and yards have been populated with static rolling stock, and the BR Class 101 is driveable on the existing BR Class 150 services, as a few heritage DMUs were still roaming the Cornish Countryside by the early 1990s.

This bog was made by Simon schofield