Cheese Pasties.

I love Greggs Cheese Pasties I love having one every now and again I think they are lovely and very nice. It has been a while since I have had one from Greggs I like one but not too many I think they are lovely to eat or have for lunch time for your lunch now and again and sometimes.


Basket Ball.

I use to love playing basket ball when I was younger I use to play it in the back garden with my brother Dan when I was younger. I use to play it on my own when I was little to I use to play basket ball in the back garden with my cousins Kelly and Emma and my brother Dan when we all a lot younger to and we all use to really enjoy it and it was fun.

Traffic Cops.

I love watching Traffic Cops when it is on the television I always watch it when it is on I think it is really good. It is all real life about the police catching people speeding up and down the roads and catching boy races and giving people finds arresting people and banding people from driving if they are doing dangerous driving and driving far too fast.

Peter Pan.

I use to love this film when I was younger this cartoon movie I use to love watching it when I was little the original Peter Pan movie it came out on the 5th February 1953 early 53. Years and years before I was born I use to watch Peter Pan film cartoon for years when I was younger and me and my brother Dan use to watch it at night for a few years when we were younger to.

Robson Green.

I really like Robson Green he is one of my favourite people on the television. I think he is really good in Grandchester when he is in that to. He also dose Tales Of Northumberland which is really good I like watching him in that to when he dose that he goes for countryside walks in the country and goes to other places walking to I think he is really good.

Celebrity Deathmatch .

I use to love watching Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV when I was younger it is animated cartoon wrestling. It was on the television for years I use to watch it all the time and me and my brother Dan use to watch it for years to we use to watch it together sometimes and I always thought it was really good to. The very first episode of it started on the 14th May 1998 summer 98 when I was eleven years old and when I was in my last year at Glebe School when I was younger.