Back after Coronovirus

I am so glad to be back after the horendous 18 months everyone has gone through because of the virus. I hope everyone is well and has not been too affected by all that has happened.

My time has been spent looking after an elderly relative who is 93 actually 94 in October. I have had to stay safe for her as I am the only relative left. So shopping and paying bills and going to doctors appointments has filled my life. My two little dogs have been a god send and kept me sane also the gardening as we have had a great summer. Lucky me to have a garden I guess.

Well stay safe eveyone, onward and upward, I wish you all luck for the future.

Best wishes


2 thoughts on “Back after Coronovirus

  1. Hi Vicki, certainly good to meet up again since it has been sometime since you popped over to do admin stuff. Sorry I couldn’t have been more available – don’t usually have so many in at any one time!.


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