The Rex Hotel In Whitley Bay.

This brings back memories for me because I use to love going here to the Deep Disco in April 2012 when I twenty five to January 2014 when I was twenty seven when I was younger. I really wish the people that are in charge of the Deep Disco had just kept the Deep Disco but they had to move away and leave Whitley Bay Deep Disco night club and go to the Lindesfarn Club in Wallsend because of the fundings. But it still brings back happy memories for me from when I was younger.


6 thoughts on “The Rex Hotel In Whitley Bay.

  1. Yh it was something I really enjoyed going to Bob I loved the really loud music and sitting having a few pints there to with a few people who I knew and I use to go up and request a few songs to the disc jockey to which he played for me when I was they and I really miss it very much to Bob.

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