Website makers with a passion for accessibility

Since our community organisation came into being we had access to a website provided by SocialEngine. Unfortunately over the recent months both technical and cost issues meant we had to make the difficult decision to mothball the this site and archive personal content. We are now faced with the challenge of securing a purpose-built option that addresses the accessibility features we have previously not been able to maximise for our members or to develop those safe areas where interactivity of users and project support providers could be nurtured or where a secure social space for vulnerable groups and individuals could share their life experiences in a rapidly changing technological world. However, funding is also an issue in that gaining traction in a competitive market where larger charities may have the level of infrastructure to develop donor relations, we rely very much on word of mouth and picking up local information about agencies/services wanting to support a focused approach to support people on the digital periphery. Crowdfunding is a possibility, but may not fit the limited scope of what we want to achieve, which is to support disabled folk young and old to develop strong community ties through inter-generational, community based activities using technology as the stimulus. Might any of our readers or members have some insights they would wish to share with us and help us forge our future goals?