Arosa Linie

In this week’s Roadmap, the RhB Anniversary collection moves into Next Arrival, along with the Arosa Linie timetable updates, including improved physics for the Ge 4/4. The Arosa Linie core route is all you will need to activate the update when it becomes available, and owning the Anniversary pack is not a requirement for those of you looking forward to these timetable updates.
We have a new addition to In Planning on the Roadmap, with an expansion pack coming for Train Sim World 2. This expansion will add new content to the original routes of Sand Patch Grade, Bakerloo Line and Schnellfahrstrecke Köln – Aachen. You can look forward to enjoying additional liveries, services, and scenarios for these routes as part of the pack. This pack will also include access to a new tool, the Creators Club, that will allow sharing and downloads of Livery Designer and Scenario Planner creations made by the community.
We are pleased to share that we are working towards an update for the red signal deadlocks which have been appearing more frequently for players across all routes recently.
There has been plenty of movement for the Preserved Collection updates as ongoing work moves from In Production to Upcoming, this signifies that the work Adam’s team has been doing has concluded and is now starting the process of being tested by our QA team.
We have also added a significant number of new additions from the Preservation Crew this week. We will be talking with Adam in detail on the stream about these new additions.
In case you missed it, Amtrak are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they have wrapped an ACS-64 locomotive in a very special Train Sim World 2 livery. This particular Livery will also be available in the game and goes straight into Next Arrival. As a festive gift from us, you can get it entirely for free when you own Boston Sprinter.
Finally, we are pleased to share that our annual Year in Review Q&A will be going ahead on the 29th December. Get your questions in here beforehand and we will aim to answer as many as we can.

By Simon Schofield


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